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POETRY, of all human endeavor, may be the most astonishing. That it reminds us of our true origin. That the universe is not bounded in any direction. That we are formed by darting fire, by grandeur.

Thespis, whom we refer to as the “father of actors,” was in fact a poet seeking to have theater people speak his words. The Bible, the Odyssey, the Divine Comedy — all are journeys in poetry. “The sun went down, and all the ways grew dark.” But poetry in the Book of Kells, the Icelandic Saga, and Beowulf illumines our human story, our epic songs in words.

The ramparts of the world roll apart. Poetry puts them together. The seismic shifts in our time need a grand instrument to describe our real condition. Only poetry can swim deeply enough to reflect the nature of where we are.

Poems, for me, are a way of composing what I might call love letters to my brothers and sisters with whom I share the world. The source of everything is there — halls and pillars, lightning and music — bringing us to where we are one.



On this site you will find selections from several recent
compilations of my poetry. Welcome...and enjoy the journey!


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