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Matt Collins, a Beirut Marine veteran, has established a website supporting the achievements of the members of that campaign in Lebanon. Matt has graciously devoted several pages on his site in honor of his neighbor, Lt. Gus Neal, pilot of Blithe Spirit, and the other members of that B-17 crew. Marvin was Radio Operator-Gunner on the aircraft #338731, Blithe Spirit.


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Denise Bibro, a long-time artistic colleague of mine, who has created her magnificent Bibro Gallery, is also (people don’t know this, generally) a most gifted sculptor. I have thoroughly enjoyed the several poetry events I’ve held at her gallery.


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Bridget Hanley, a most talented and generous theater colleague of mine, played the lead role on the ABC series Here Come the Brides. I had the pleasure of working with her on the program and, years later, when I asked her to be my partner for a reading of my poetry collection, Lying Awake (a requiem for the dark events of 9/11), she was kind enough to come east from California to do so. The performance was memorable and was followed by an ovation from a packed house at the Bibro Gallery. You can read about this event on Bridget’s site, HERE.

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